The Cape Schanck Wastewater Treatment Plant provides effluent treatment to around 250 homes and residential units, the National Golf Club and the RACV Cape Schanck Resort in Cape Schanck.

The plant has operated successfully for more than 25 years, providing quality services to both residential and commercial properties and is one of the few privately owned and operated Wastewater treatment facilities in Victoria.

Cape Schanck Management Services continues to invest in the plant to ensure we continue to provide our customers with quality services, delivered in line with environmental standards.

Cape Schanck Management Services is committed to operating an efficiently-managed Wastewater treatment facility.

Cape Schanck Management Services has commissioned a financial sustainability review to ensure we can continue to deliver cost effective services to properties connected to the plant while operating in a financially sustainable way.

A capital works program is needed to keep up with technological improvements, comply with stricter environmental standards and sustain our operations.

A vital part of the Cape Schanck Communinity